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can ya?


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sorry if this is a silly question, but i'm about to do this and i wanna make sure it's ok.

i've got a guitar body (bare wood at the moment), that i was going to leave natural on the face, but stain the back and sides. i planned on using some watco's danish oil to bring out the figuring on the face, but can you then clear over an oil finish, or will the oil mess up the clear?


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How does Dying a figured top work? What do you do, get a bottle of that RIT dye and coat the raw wood? Some of the dyed tops Warmoth has look beautiful (Green, Blue, etc) and I thought about trying something like that if it was painless and simple (like me) :D

What about putting food coloring or some of the aforementioned RIT (clothing) dye in some clearcoat (brush on)? Anyone ever try it?


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I've refinished a lot of Koa furniture using the Watco oil. If the wood is dry, you have to keep oiling and wipeing off. Just follow the instructions on the can. Sometimes, oiling with a piece of 400 grit gives a nice smooth application, especially if there is no clear, just an oil and wax finish. After the 'final' wipe off, let it dry 72 hours before shooting any clear. If it's sticky, you left too much oil on, a light wipe with some thinner, let it dry and you should be OK to shoot. I have a custom neck in the garage right now. I gave the back side a Danish oiling, made it slightly darker, I have to wait another day before I shoot, the lacquer I'm spraying has a slight amber to it...the large reverse Strat headstock will get a flamed metalflake paint job.

I don't have much experience with dyes, but there are analine water and alcohol based dyes made for wood. I used a pink water based on some Birdseye once...very tricky geting the overlaps to look even. I don't know of any dye that works with a clear coat...tint maybe.

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