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Nut Removal

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An MIA strat, I believe the nut is normally not glued in, it is a tight press fit only. Try some end cutters (dont squeeze too hard) just grab it and try to gently pull it out.

If it is anything besides an MIA strat, I dunno if it's glued or not..... Custom shop strats are glued in as well...

If pulling doesnt work, then try and cut out then bust out as much of the middle (Between D and G) as you can, and pound both sides of the nut towrad the center to break the glue bond, then pry out.

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Since you are scrapping the old nut this is a lot easier. You can saw the nut in half lengthways (from bass side to treble) with a fine toothed saw, then simply squeeze it together and it should pop out with very little clean up needed

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Good luck with the mod, Ryan.

Once you get the old nut out and the new one in, don't forget that you'll need to file the slots to get the action right. Changing the nut is the (relatively) easy part. To get the slots right you'll need some more specialised tools and knowledge. If you need more info just ask the forum for the knowledge (tools is a different matter).


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