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mmm i have no idea about this stuff

ok ill try and figure somthing out

for example on a guitar when its grounded when u touch the strings the buzzing stops

so on my rig if i touched the back of the pot the buzzing should stop right...wouldnt it be grounded

well i touch the back and the buzzing gets worse

is my theroy wrong of it grounding no the issue????

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no dont tke this as gospel but i think it may be that u have the hot and ground wires reversed sum where, check the continuity of the circuit from hot to hot and ground to ground if there is a switch over cross it back and ground it that SHould help some, and on a guitar its when its NOT grounded that when u touch it the buz stops, so it could be a case of a cros over and grounding combine like i said there is probably sum1 with more knowledge than me but i do know basics etc but am no Expert there are some electrical engineers on here that could help but im a mechanical one with basic electrical knowledge, anyway i hope the above helps if not try and post a circuit diagram so that i can narrow it down, its probably sumthing really simple thats been over looked but its hard to tell on the net lol!!!

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