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Jem bodies in CAD

Guest AlexVDL

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Thanks again B) I'll have a master list up soon so people can see whats available in that section.

yeah so we can just sit here..and be like '...ugh......another _count_ posts to go"

I'd love to have a copy of those specs....since.thats gonna be my first guitar.

Not the JEM specifically, but an RG w/ H-H and AANJ.

I just have the generic body shape..w/ the old style neck joint.

It'd be great if you could email me those whenever your finished, if thats kewl with you?


or i can trade ya :D

I'm currently *TRYING* to get a picture (from jacksons website) to scale.

I'm off by a lil bit (i'm using the 22nd fret to nut, which should be 466.0mm), its 466.28mm. But some other ones aren't as close....i guess thats just what ya have to deal with when dealing w/ a picture? even though its flat not like an angled picture.

We'll see if i can get it all to scale right.

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i want an RG body with 1 humbucker in the bridge w/ a tune-o-matic - strings thru- body bridge. i have a template of an RG, but i feel it is not accurate enough as i traced my friends on to cardboard. i can't wait untill you upload them.


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Have you incorporated the 1mm bevel around the headstock of the JEM???? And from the nut to the curved parts at the bottom of the headstock there is a bevel which increases from 0.1mm - 1mm on both sides i believe - have you incorporated this into the drawings??????????????

At the nut, I measured that the radius is 58mm (I think this includes the fretboard depth). Have you any measurements to compare?????????????

What is the angle of the headstock - so I can compare this to mine???????????

Did you find the picture useful????????????




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Hi Alex!!! :D

My friend, i tell you about your drawing, and designs, just CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D this are very beatiful, and i hope some day make my cad drawing like yours.... Je Je, i´m happy of only see the Jem AANJ Designs B):D .... Do you make it with Jem Headstock Designs?

Ah! One question, this bodys plans can be uses in Rg3120 Model? Thanks!!! See you!!!!

Sound strange, but i´m very happy, like alls!!!!

Bye My friends!!! :D

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welll..since your editing ur cad for people..woulda ya mind one more?:D

its not that much..just w/o the lions claw and middle position single coil and controls ala JPM100.

Also, is the bridge cut out made for an Original Floyd or Ibanez LoPro?Edge?

I guess i can just remeasure for whatever I end up with B)

Thanks. Could yo ucheck out my Jackson KV10X thread? Maybe make that a lil more accurate? I'm not nearly as well versed in ACAD as you seem to be. I just used a picture I found.

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Sorry bro, can't do. I made them especially for the advanced section...

It's easy to join. Make a donation to the PG site or reach a post count of 200.


Already reached 200, where's the download section? B)

Are you sure anyways? It looks like I can't reach it without donation.

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