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Ebonizing A Rosewood Fretboard - How To Finish It?

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Hi all,

I'm currently thinking of ebonizing a rosewood fretboard using a leather dye (here's the link - essentially the same as they sell on StewMac).

That part is all well and good; but how to finish it?

Can anyone recommend a good matte waterbased lacquer that I can use? And recomend a good technique to apply it? (bear in mind I'm in the UK so I'd need something either based here or would ship :D )

Thanks all!

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Welcome to the forum.

Why are you applying a finish? Aside from a lacquered maple fretboard such as on a strat, one usually doesn't cover it with anything more than oil; linseed, lemon, etc. Cheaper violin boards that are ebonized don't have a finish, either. However, if its done, educate me, I'd like to find out also. Perhaps only a sealer is needed. I'm sure one of the expeienced guys will know the answer.

Fine woodworking has had some good articles in the past ebonizing wood, they probably have some info on finishing, but it will be from a furniture point of view.

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rosewood fretboards need no finish...

Thanks for the replies.

I was thinking it didn't need anything (in the sense that rosewood doesn't normally), but I've heard of other people using dyes on fingerboards and having some rub off onto fingers etc while playing - or did they just use too much dye?

If I can go ahead without having to finish / seal the board afterwards then all the better :D

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