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Question About Blush Remover

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Can you use blush eraser several days after spraying lacquer?

I layed down 4 coats of lacquer, let them dry for 3 days and sanded the high spots down. After this, I layed two more coats of lacquer down, and the second one, (a little bit too heavy), blushed in a few very small spots.

I've waited 3 days now, and they are sort of going away. If I ordered a can of blush remover and sprayed it on the already dried lacquer, will it soften the dried lacquer enough to get rid of the blush in these areas?

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C'mon Drak! I wouldn't do that to you. I believe what you said, but I posted on several sites at the same time to make sure I wouldn't have to sand down and refinish for the 5th time. The woodworking part of it was easy, but this is my first time working with Nitro. lacquer and it isn't going well. Four times is ENOUGH! I want to be looking at getting done, not starting all over... again.

If I did, sorry to offend.

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I ordered the remover from Stew Mac, it was shipped and then dropped off here at the house by Fed Ex. (I thought) It was then promptly swiped from the door step. I got in touch with Fed. Ex., and they started stracing it. The package showed up on the doorstep the next day. I think the driver dropped it off at the wrong house.

I'm ready to begin with it, any more help, (thanks in advance Drak), would be great.

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With that said, you have probably figured out that it worked. NOTE to users about to use blush remover: When spraying, spray HALF as much as you think you need at TWICE the distance or more than you would normally spray. You will STILL lay down about ten times more than needed.

As I did it, I sprayed by pushing down and letting up on the spray head as fast as I could. A little cloudy mist ball came out and sauntered toawards by guitar body. As soon as the vapor ball started to touch the lacquer that was blushed... it was gone. There was no fade, there was no "I'll come back in ten minutes to check it", nothing. White was there one second, gone the next.

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