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but what exactly does it consist of i dont know what phase revrsal is eithe its just i see a lot of people mentionin making a tone pt into a phase etc i would like to knock my guitar (strat) into one vol one tone but what to do with the other tone pot i was thinkin of doing this phase thing to it if it is beneficail

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it would yes, but you wouldnt need it on all of them, only on too. i would suggest having the two tone pots as push/pulls with two of the pickups going to them. the reason you dont need all three of them like this is that, if the bridge and middle are selected together, it makes no difference which of the pickups is phased, it will sound the same. so you will be able to manage with just two pickups having the effect. but remember if both pickups that are combined have their phase switches on at the same time there will be no effect, its just like having them both off

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