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Hand Painting An Otherwise Unchanged Guitar

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I am new here and new to painting a guitar. I've read through and searched the forums but I didnt find anything dealing with what I am interested in, so here goes:

I bought a cheap squier stratocaster to mess around on (I mainly play bass) and I'd like to try hand paint it - specifically, slightly complex-curvy-flowing-flowery lines here and there, on the front of the guitar. Now, as I said, I know nothing about the feasibility of this, but I'd like to do it without sanding down the guitar or what have you, just painting over the top of the factory finish. It is a creamy white colour. Is this possible? If so, what materials and methods do you recommend?


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i did this on a white squier strat (obviously i had to add the red too)


i just used car touch up paints, with enamel for the little red/pink bits (heart etc). i would recommend giving it a coat or two of clear after though, to prevent what you do from chipping off. if you do give it a clear coat after, rub the guitar with some very fine sandpaper or wire wool (at least 1000) before you do your design giving the clear something to stick to

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Ah yes, thanks, it is the monterey pop design that I was going to try do, but with only a white base. How did you do the red fade? Also, I noticed yours is different here and there; I'd like a nice deep red for the flower and heart etc, is this a limitation of the paint or just a choice by you? I dont suppose you have any closer pics that show the edges of the lines clearer/if its a glossy or more matte finish?

Sorry to hit you with all these questions, and nice job! I hope mine turns out as well as yours.

Thanks again for your help.

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i did the red with a cardboard cutout of the shape i wanted it in and had that about 15-20mm off the body as i sprayed the red. then just sanded away any splodges of red that got underneath it.


you can do whatever colours you wanted on it, i just happened to have some metallic red enamel paint so i used that. it's glossy (or it was before i 'reliced' it) because i put clear coat over it to protect the design. you could have it matt or glossy, depending on what paint you used.

this is how it is now. for better or worse. o well.


o, and you'll definately want to put a couple of coats of clear on the scratchplate. i did and the paint is beginning to wear off a little after about five or six years, so without it it wouldnt last very long.

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