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Routers, Sanders, Planes, Clamps


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Getting a 404 error from your link.

Sorry about that but I deleted them from my webspace today. They are small e-books in pdf format (won't say where I got them) and recent threads in this forum about posting copyrighted material have made me reconsider my actions. In spite of the fact that they are rather old publications from magazines, textbooks etc. I feel that its still best to stay within the legal limits of posting etiquette. Using this forum to post such material could also get Brian (the owner of Project Guitar) in trouble. I'd rather not take the risk.

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The internet is still a relatively new means of communication and in regards to posting copyrighted / published material there is still lots of grey areas. If you were to spend some time at MIMF fer instance, they take this issue very seriously. One reason why I stopped actively posting there, no leeway whatsoever. I believe there should be some place where you can converse freely, ie. get your point across by showing examples even if it does incorporate someone else's picture, website / blog, txt or whatever you have for the purpose of enlightenment and education. Otherwise it goes against the whole purpose of the forum's existence. I got slammed for posting a tiny gif of a DPDT toggle showing series / parallel wiring. My post was edited (along with a stern reprimand) because the picture belonged to someone else. I guess I could have taken out a sheet of paper and my crayon and made the pic that way, then scanned and posted it on the forum but then I would probably have been accused of plagiarism. :D

Anyway, da law is da law and I hope to abide by it just in case someone crawls out of the woodwork and starts complaining. BTW, I'd bet my eyeteeth that if THIS forum were to operate in the same mode as MIMF you would see about 75% less pictures, weblinks etc.

if you have a little time, it might be worthwhile seeing if the publishing companies haven't deleted the books

easier said than done. I wouldn't know where to begin, but it would be a good challenge. B) It would be interesting to see who really cares. But if the law were taken that seriously then Mildred and Patty would have been suing people left , right and center while they were alive. :D


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Some go a little overboard in their attempts to uphold their idea of copyright law. :D (Speaking of various forums, not you, Southpa.)

There is a "fair use" clause in copyright law that does allow some leeway. Unfortunately, the whole thing is up to interpretation.

(Link to Fair Use explanation: http://fairuse.stanford.edu/Copyright_and_...ter9/index.html )

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I find it hilarious how piracy and laws regarding the like are so blown out of proportion when it comes to the internet. Music and eBooks make complete sense. But snipits of articles and images for educational purposes? There definitely needs to be clear laws put in place for these sort of things. It's a damn shame the people that steal this kind of information try to make a profit off it ruin it for the rest of us.

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