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Neck Jig


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I had what you are looking for, but due to my computer crashing late last year I not only lost that but also a lot of other valuable guitar related information :D

I have bought a lot of the parts required to make it, but i hadn't started it so Im looking for this info also

dayvo :D

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You don't need plans for that thing. For example, if your pin spacing is 1/2" farther apart, or closer together, than on StewMac's, it ain't going to make your jig any less effective. But you can get it closer to the original than that, just by looking at photos, and seeing where the pins are in relation to frets on the neck above.

The main thing that could cause a problem is if your beam would flex when the jig is tilted 90 degrees. That could be avoided if a 4x4 thick walled hollow rectangle aluminum tube was used for the beam instead of a narrow piece of wood like a 2x4

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