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Gibson Sg Project Guitar


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ei guys.. im trying to make a gibson SG project guitar would you give any advice/help regarding on creating a great sounding one re: guitar parts, electronics.. sori for being so general about it.. its kinda hard to start... thanx a lot!

Please do not post the same question in multiple forums - ask the question once, in the appropriate section. If you have several specific questions which fit in different areas ask them sperately in the respective area. I have deleted your duplicate discussions.

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start with this book: http://www.melvynhiscock.com/Guitars2.html

To understand what makes a great sounding guitar you need to understand how & why guitars sound the way they do. The only way to do that it by playing & studying different guitars to see what makes them so "great". I'm guessing that you think that SG's sound great which is why you're making one? In that case use parts that are used on SG's.

Unfortunately "great" isn't a universal thing....My idea of a great SG is going to be different to yours so only you can decide what you're looking for....we can only give our opinions based on what you suggest.

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