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Getting wood flat? please help!

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everything is going well with my explorer except the pieces i have glued together didnt come out exactly flat? how can i fix this? is it ok to run through a planer or will it eat it up due to shape? i need this fixed but cant determine how. Im starting to get a little worried about this guitar not being able to be finished, any advice helps, thank you

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Are the pieces with the grain in the same direction?

If so, you can easily plane them by hand.

If not, you have to be very carefull not to rip to much wood off.

Sanding is an option, start with grid 80 go up to 200 or so.

But remember it's easier to take wood off, than put it back on.

Please send pictures!!

I'm an explorer junkie

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i had no troubles putting a rg style body made of basswood thru my planer, no tear at all, just do like wes said.... really really shallow passes, the first one or 2 shouldn't even take any wood off

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