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Fret Buzz Problems

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ok, im haveing incredibly annoying fret buzz on the first fret of my low E string, i can actually see that the string is stupidly close to the fret (well below a millimeter)

what im wondering is whether to replace the nut as i do think this is the problem, or do i try and mess with the truss rod?

there are no problems on the other strings though.

ive also heard about putting a shim underneath the nut, but as its only the one string, im not sure whether this is a good idea...

do any of you lovely people have any suggestions?

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One trick I learned a long while back was to take a tiny scrap of tin foil, fold it up and place it into the slot under the string. The foil will take the shape of slot/string but it'll raise the string up just a little bit. If the problem is a worn out slot, you'll know quickly enough --it'll stop buzzing with the foil in there.

From there, you have the option of having a new nut cut, filling and refiling the nut slot...or just leaving the tin foil in there.

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Press the string at the 3rd fret. You should still have a small gap at the 1st fret. If not, the nut is too low and adjusting the truss rod won't fix a thing.

I would check your clearance as guitar2005 mentioned. Check your clearance on all your strings(I shoot for about .005"). Depending on how low they are you may want to shim, or replace the nut. If you do shim or replace the nut you will need to go back and adjust the slots to get the clearance correct.


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