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Spalt Basses And Guitars

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what's inventive?it's very average except that one side of the pickup can be slid around

Gibson did it YEARS ago on one of their Ripper-style (bah, not up on my Gibbo basses, someone correct me if I'm wrong) basses. I got to play one, and to tell ya the truth, I couldn't tell much of a difference in the tone.

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The vViper's silhouette and stuff is fine by me. I like it even... but that "wiper" pickup has GOT to go.

I don't mind the "Hybrids" either. I dunno. I don't see them as particularly "awful".

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No self-respecting bassist would ever play any of those instruments.

...on stage.

I'd love to try any out and see how they sound. But you would never catch me playing any of those basses on stage. Definitely some cool stuff on the site, but I remember seeing it back in January last year. Nothing new, but definitely unique!

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I think there more art pieces for the regular world, not so much for the players world.

that said, and with someone in a Art background, there composition is pretty decent, and the use of color and design is intriguing..

and if they were simply paintings on a wall Id think they were pretty cool.

as a luthier the first thing I noticed is that they wouldnt be that playable, and that the necks are boring.

thats based on the few I saw, that websites mixed up, I cant tell if theres one company or like 4 different ones.

The totem stuff in the gallery's is mixed, some is terrible, some are awesome.

the custom basses of the main page dont look bad IMO..

but whatevea.

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That hybrid seems a rip off of one of our very own members axes. I can't remember his name though, but I'll try to find him.

Ok, found it. It's not exactly the smae, but you can definately see where I'm comming from:

http://www.projectguitar.com/gal/gotm2004.htm June 2004 GOTM by KTL Guitars. It's killer man. :D

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If I remember corectly alot of the necks are Warmoth.

But on a personal basis I like alot of his work I think he has a great eye for design.

Some of the Totem range are visually striking whilst remaining a good generic 'Players' guitar and the Hybrid work is stunning looking but looks playable.... I'd use one.

but it must be said I'm with most people on this... I'm not such a fan of the Vindscreen Viper thing....

on a slightly different line I also like some of this guys stuff


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Firstly, the website is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Really ameteurish & unprofessional, put me off straight away...I wasn't actually sure whether it was a luthier site or just someone selling odd guitars.

Secondly, yuck!

I couldn't put myself through looking at all of the instruments but the ones that I did look at reminded me of those cheap ol' Satellite & Kay guitars from the 60's/70's that appear in crap rock clubs.

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i don't think the guy was a member here...if you read the gallery,it says "henry"(i can only assume that means henry kaiser) had it cast by somebody in l.a.

frank ford wrote the commentary.i don't know...i can't say i am a fan of it...i can honestly say that i have seen much,much worse...but none of those appeal to my senses

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