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Also, I don't really buy Black Machine's comments about removing the unused fingerboard behind the nut. This can be done regardless of the fan.

Yep, is the way to go IMHO, only trouble is that with this kinda set-up it's impossible to have angle headstock.

The headstock in the picture is angled. It's actually got a compound angle. The only drawback is that it's cut from a single piece of wood... I have no idea how you could do a scarf joint with that type of setup.

Those graphtech saddles are non-conducting, so you have to find some other way to ground the strings.

Those are string through, so just ground to the ferrules. Sort of a hassle, but it works fine (I've done it before).

the abm system is better i think...no string thru body...IF the strings will fit

No problem, ABM makes bass saddles, too. I would also check into ETS. They're a little cheaper according to the pricelist I have, and I like the design better.

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Those graphtech saddles are non-conducting, so you have to find some other way to ground the strings.

btw...if you use emg actives you know you don't even need to worry about that...

So I've been told...no EMG experience here, and I know you have plenty....still rubs me the wrong way to not ground the strings.

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yeah,i understand.

when i first started using emg i felt the sameway...but it isn't a case of "you don't have to,but you can if you want to"

it's a case of "if you ground the strings,emg will not work properly"

there is less risk of shock with emg ungrounded than with passive grounded...and zero hum

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I think $285 for some simple standard graphtech saddles and some simple flimpy metal design.......is a bit steep.

the ABM system is better i think...no string thru body...IF the strings will fit

String thru body is not a problem. I kinda like that concept. What I don't like is that this design is way to wide (15mm), and yields a spring spread that is too wide for what I'm after.

The ETS ones look very good,


but will yield same problem in width area, I think. I set them a email asking for dimensions. Haven't heard back yet.

Conklin has interesting design that looks like copy-able by cutting up two of these Tele style bridges

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this is a really cool build... i like the headstock idea too, though i hope you don't put the ibanez logo on it lol, thatd be cheesy since you built it
Don't think this one will get an Ibanez logo. Ibanez never did fanned frets, so I think this guitar outpasses them.....will see what get's on the headstock.

Instead of the tele bridge I would use regular strat bridge, even a hipshot if you have the cash to throw away! Nicely stripped and sand blasted I think that the brass base on a hipshot would look preety good!

With Tele bridge I can make front of bridge follow angular line of frets, like the Conklin design. Have probable access to powdercoat unit so thinking of golden saddles on black (powdered) modified base plate.


On basis of Warmoth PDF, I will start drawing somethings up in Autocad. Will see what looks best.

E.T.S make the best sh*t out full stop! they take their time but are total professionals

They haven't answered my emails yet. And yes, their single string bridge looks very nice, but unfortunately I think it's too wide.

Would love it if they make a 10mm wide version of it.

Going the fanned frets route means I have to c*ck up my own bridge (or modify an existing bridge)....which makes things more complicated. Definately not as simple as ordering one off the selve.

This Black Machine design is also starting to grow on me. I think when some more guitars are finished I'm gonna do one of these. Thin body, strange headstock, nice simple white binding on black guitar.

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Yesterday made pittstop at my local woodsupply store. The guys/girls there were complaning I was stopping by there way to often lately. I told them, if you enjoy doing something, it's hard to stop. So I was forced to pick up some more body blanks for future projects. :D (More about that later, first wanna finish current projects).

While sieving through the wood supply, I picked up some maple, and some thin Wenge laminates, for future neck purposes.

For my 8 string neck I picked up a nice Ebony fretboard, and I saw this nice thin blanks of Zebrano, that would be perfect for Maple/ Zebrano/Maple neck laminate.

I think this would look nice in a 5 piece neck, having this small laminates of Zebrano in between the maple. Question now is ......Wenge would be perfect laminate candidate, as Wenge is very hard and stable. I never heard of Zebrano as neck blank material, and wonder how well it would perform as a neck laminate.

Any ideas, suggestions, opinions. I got this quote of the net:

Zebra Wood is a quite dense & strong wood, similar to Hard Maple or Purpleheart.

Another option would be two Ebony laminates in the neck.......and although I think it will look awesome.....with the Zebrano is would more bring the neck and body together as one.

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I'm planning something similar, with a multi-lam neck with a zebrano center, two thin lams of wenge on either side, then lams of maple on the outside. The darkness of the wenge looks great in contrast to the dark grain of the zebrano (they almost looks like they flow together) and the maple. Ebony would look great and function the same aesthetically, too, I think. Either way, it will "pop."

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Sorry about the picture quality, but here's zebrano/wenge/maple. Boards are pretty raw but you get the idea:


And just for s**ts and giggles, here's bocote/wenge/maple. I actually kind of like it better (the grain is darker and funkier on the bocote and I don't mind the extra yellowishness). Too bad the bocote blank isn't long enough for the project I had in mind :-(


Less Wenge, more Maple, and it would probably look better.

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