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Neck Pocket Depth?

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I'm building a guitar for a school project and it is going quite well (I will post a worklog too =D). However, i've hit a bit of a snag. I'm not sure how deep to route the neck pocket. I'm using 2x gibson style pickups and a floyd rose bridge. Can anyone give me any points / advice? I don't want to drill it too deep because I can't go back.



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Yes - I have drawings. It's called coursework and there's 15 A3 pages of it. Routing templates, Wiring Diagrams, Body shapes and 4 full size card models. It did occur to me just a little while ago (while I was re-string my current guitar ironically enough) that I could draw it up and work it out from that (since it has almost the same hardware too). Thanks though! =]

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Your neck pocket depends on the type of bridge you're using. There's a thread in the tutorial section about how to determine the neck angle --this works for a non-angled neck too of course. It all depends on how high your saddles are, really. The string has to be able to clear the fretboard at the action you like.

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wat i did

i messured to hight of wat the strings would be

thought of an ideal high for the strings on the neck

then figure out how deep the neck needs to be

then do the same for the pickups

this may seem wrong but it worked very well for me

it was my first build and i was as scared as anyone but it works out

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