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How Long To Make The Headstock?

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The spacing on my ibanez 7 is 1" roughly center to center. But it will depend on your specific tuners how close you can go. Scale length realy has nothing to do with headstock length. Get the old pencil and paper out and do a drawing, or print off scale pictures of headstocks from the net, you may have to resize the picture, but just use the nut width as a start and scale the pic up so that it is correct, the rest will be too. (if that sounds vauge and mkes n sense, its probibly because its 5am here)

All you need to do is a little drawing. Itl all become pretty clear what you like. I know i like my own headstocks to be 3 a side or 4+3 so i can make them quite short, im hoping this will balance the guitars nicley when there done. I used quite light peices of wood for the bodys ad i cant stand neck heavy guitars (i will make an exeption for my paul tho :D)

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