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humbucker wiring

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hi:i need to get a clear idea about how humbucker pickups work, and i dont talking about the induction process, my question its about the wiring. how many wires comes from the pickup and which one its the positive and the negative ? and finally how do i make the soldering?. ive seen some schematics but i cant get a clear idea about it. ill be really pleasure to get a soon answer.


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well different pickup manufactures have different color coded wires.

So i could say 'red is hot' 'black is ground etc...but it'd be for that particular pickup.

You're best bet is to go to that manufacturers website, and look for the schematic you need. It'll tell you what color wire goes where and what it is. like http://www.dimarzio.com/w_d.html

You really don't need to know what they do, unless you wanna learn about induction and magnetic fields and yadda yadda.

Here's a quick guide on how to solder:


Based on your english skills, I'm assuming you're not from the US.

So, I couldn't tell you where to go to find a soldering iron and tools.

An electronics supply store like www.radioshack.com will have them.

But not like consumer electronics (like TVs/VCRs)..

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