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Stipping Schecter C-7 Need Advice!


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Hi folks!!

I have a old lefty Schecter C-7.... this guitar as already been moded... A friend build me a awsome mahogany neck!! I changed the pickups for 1 dimarzio evolution 7 and 1 dimarzio paf 7.... The guitar is awesome!!

Now!! My question... do you guys think that the wood under the paint is great(this is a swamp ash body). I would like to strip the body a make a oil finish or something like that. I want a guitar whit no paint... I want to see the wood. Some people says that korean build guitars use pieces of wood that not match. Anyway, do you have any advices for me?

Thanks for your help!!

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my advice is leave it alone...it sounds like you really like the guitar...i NEVER mess with a guitar i already like,except to change out pickups and hardware...

you run a huge risk of turning the guitar into something you don't like.

if i wanted a guitar with no paint,i would buy a warmoth body unpainted(they have ALOT)and add a neck to it

i once took a schecter omen 6 that i really liked and stripped the paint...i never liked it as much again..now it just sits there...

now,by the way i think the wood is most likely basswood or mahogany...i have never seen one in swamp ash...doesn't mean it doesn't exist...but i hear alot of people say a wood is something when it is not...guy at guitar center told me a guitar was alder...ibanez doesn't even use alder

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+1 on not stripping it..

for one, the wood may not be standard cuts, and have weird division lines in the middle of it.

two, swamp ash is a cool figure, but may not be what your used to seeing...

Id either buy another body, or another guitar to try it on, because just like wes said, if you like it as is, it probably wont live up to what you expect.

I have a KKV that was stripped to have a natural look, but once the guy saw it was 3 pieces he wanted to get rid of it.. $50 later and I have a flying V that would look good with a normal finish, but TERRIBLE natural..

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