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How to drill connector holes

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I have a Black And Decker Wizard..

It's head is angled, its small device.

I dunno if its small enough/powerful enough to drill in a cavity though..

You could try it?


maybe that flexable dremel adapter + some drill bit adapter?

I dunno, I haven't started making a guitar yet.

But..you're question...hopefully will save me time when i get there.

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Funny...I just bought a drill bit to do this today...albeit after I messed up a spot first. I went to ACE and got a 12" long 1/4" bit...stewmac sells them...they are called aircraft bits. They only cost about $8

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i know you have to drill holes for all the wires to pass through, but how do u go about getting a drill bit in there? do i use a right angled drill or is there any tips u guys can give me. thank you

If your guitar body is in two pieces you can route a channel down the side(distance between pickup cavaties) before you glue them together.Then when you route for the pickups,the passage is right there.If you route your control cavaty before you glue them together,you can punch that hole through with a drill bit also,provided you lay all the pick-up and knob locations out ahead of time.(which you should do anyway.) :D

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i picked up a set of 7 brad point foot long drill bits for doing the wirring holes, they were only 20$ for the entire set and they're great... i drill a hole for each pickup, and the wire to the bridge.

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