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Problem With Self Wiring


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A few weeks ago i made my first attempt at wiring up a guitar (a strat, HSS config)

im nearing completion of the project and i wired the jack on today and plugged it in to test it in a very basic way, as a friend recommended. (just plug it in to check for buzzing, and tap the pickups to make sure theyre... doing something...)

anyway, i have just plugged it in and as i half expected i was met by a great deal of buzzing, and crackling when i touched anything metal. i wired the guitar, I think, exactly to the diagram i used from the seymour website, so i hope its not anything to do with the wiring between components. I didnt have the bridge and associated bits on the guitar, so i didnt have everything earthed to it, but ive got everything earthed to the pots. is that enough or could my problem just be earthing?

However, knowing near abouts nothing to admit to knowing nothing about electronics, and as i dont own a voltmeter (which i probably wouldnt know how to use), im at a bit of a loose end as to what to do.

(If it would be better to take a picture of what ive done to show you how its wired, thats not a problem at all.)

(and i hope that wasnt too garbled, i tend to ramble and be a bit scattery if i dont thoroughly plan what i write.)

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