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What Finish For This Bass?

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what should i do with this bad boy you think? Stain? natural? wax?. gloss? just spray it hot sparkle pink?

im at a loss.. Its made of some leftover woods from another project so its open to interpretation

I just cant think

its got walnut/veneer/purpleheart neck through ash back and quite a randomly figured maple top. I have it soaking wet for the photos so itll probably be a bit lighter in actuality.




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i am not a big fan of leaving wood natural.no matter what the wood,it can generally be made to look betterwith a little judicious staining...

i would normally say a nice amber translucent would really liven it up,but that godawful purpleheart really just puts me at a loss...

not that that is particularly horrible purpleheart or anything...but i absolutely despise purpleheart altogether...

i say do a barney inlay and dye the whole thing translucent purple to kill some of that contrast..

okay,the barney inlay is a joke...but i do think a purple translucent would be da bomb,and like i said,it will kill that horrible contrast.might as well just wear purple pants and a light brown shirt to match it

but dude..clean up your work area...how you gonna do clean work in that mess?

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NATURAL! Pleeeease tell me the purple and color options are just idle threats, fishing for compliments. I really like that shape, the carve, and the color of the woods. Sexy as hell! Without trying to bring up a sore subject, while I wasn't so keen on the shape/color of your guitar for Mr. Brown, I really like the work on this one.

Clear coat, high sheen, gorgeous. If I might make a comparison I'd say putting color ont hat will make it go from looking liek a quality Norstrand/Overwater-style bass to a who-cares production Yamaha (or something, I'm not really a bass player so my brands might be off). For my money nice woods (like you have), nice design (check), good work (looks like it) and a clear coat (TBD) that lets you see it all in it's glory is the only way to go for custom work.

Let's see some more detail shots, I'd love to see the curve transition up close at the arm rest.


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dude stick with Natural

IMO the bursts doesnt match with the purple heart

even if u went with purple i doubt that u would get it to be that bright

probaly just a dull rubbish colour that would have nothing on the natural

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