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Any One Like a Fancy

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Alright now it works for me.

I say, if you dig it, go for it.

Just gotta make it more accurate, and I these are theo nly ideas i have to help ya.

I think you should take the RG shape and try to work with it, because it looks like an RG(the front half) and LesPaul(the butt). just w/ different length/style horns.

the headstock, kinda reminds me of a Les paul.

Maybe you could find template with that, and tweak it? I think there might be one at www.guitarbuild.com

the fretboard, i dunno if you have it accurate or not. If you don't, you can have the fretboard i made, its pretty accurate for 25.5" scale w/ 24frets (w/ the 25th being the left over)

Or I could make you one (or teach you) how to make one (the method I used).

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lol woooow that's a funky cool shape, it'll look a bit better once you get the correct size rout's in there, and place the knobs a little bit... reminds me off Alex's Silver guitar... maybe ask him for the cad file for that guitar if he made one...

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i like the body alot, frist time i made something with turbo CAD soo... i think its good frist timer, i need help on how to make things to scale, and some basci tools to use in order to get that shape and stuff, i've been messing around wit tc9 for like an hour coming up wit some stuff, i have another guitar i made i just don't have any site to uplaod it on no what i mean

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You guys should check out Rhino CAD.


It's a cheaper version of the solid body enviroment CAD programs machining places use for writing their machine's programs.

I don't know if it's just me but it seems very easy to use in comparison to the other CAD programs. The demo has a limited number of features but they're only limited compared to the trillion different ways of making a sloping edge the people need who are using it to generate really complex 3D models.

The demo is FREE so you may as well give it a try. :D

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