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Any Good Shops In Austin, Tx Where I Can Get Wood Planed And Thickness

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I'm lucky enough to teach at a high school that has a very extensive wood shop class. You can always try checking with the woodshop teacher.

Many woodshop teachers teach weekend warrior type woodshop classes. Or, you may know some one at the school that could set up the arrangement for you.

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forget all that...most places will just shoot you down or do a horrible job.

go down 7th street(east) towards 183...when you are almost to 183 you will see shady lane...take a left(north) on shady lane and right there on your left is a little place that offers custom millwork...i had my bubinga thicknessed there...they have everything.

ask for gary...he knows exactlty what he is doing,just let him know what it's for.

he is a white guy about 6 feet tall with glasses and dark hair

they charge $85 an hour and they don't take credit cards...

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they break it up...they resawed and thicknessed with the thicknessing sander in about an hour..if it takes 15 minutes,they charge 15 minutes

$85 an hour is pretty standard.and nobody else in town i know of has a bandsaw that will resaw 16 inches...or a thickness sander that big either.

if fine lumber has all that,i will find out wen i go there soon for mahogany for my next big project

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yeah,that's it.

gary did an awesome job on my bubinga.where did you get the pic?

Awesome, thanks for the recommendation. I'll give 'em a call or a visit.

I googled for shady lane and various woodworking words and came up with two companies. This one looked like it was right where you told me to find it on the map, and they have their own website (with the pic).

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I dropped off the mahog. slab several months ago, and Gary just hasn't been able to find time to get it done because he's swamped with other projects. I guess this is kinda small beans for him. He told me I ought to try somewhere else. Bummer, but no biggie.

Time to explore alternative options...

Godin SD: If I strike out here in Austin, I may just try San Antonio. If you want to give me the contact info for your guy, that'd be great.

Desopolis: Are you talking about these guys? If so, I might give them a ring.

Any other Austin, TX folks want to suggest some places where I can get a 1-piece body blank milled? THANKS!

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yep, thats exactly who im talking about.

There were I get my lumber at. Awesome place. When I bought my blank I asked about getting it planed there. He said they had what I needed and I'd just have to tell em..

I ended up lucking out and where I do my stuff had a 13" planer, and after trimming the edges to just about my shape, it made it through!

Also, the guy's shop I do my stuff at knows a cabinet shop who would probably be able to help you. if Fine cant help you, let me know..

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