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Binding Questions

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Most cheapo routers come with a set of basic cutters. Most of these sets include a 1/2" flush trim bit with a 1/2" bearing on the bottom, and several profile cutters, such as a round over, roman ogee, 45 degree bevel etc. If you remove the bearing from the flush trim bit, and replace it with the bearing from one of the profiling bits, you end up with a very serviceable binding cutter. It usually produces a ledge just under 2 mm deep, ideal for most single ply binding - I used this tool on the blue guitar in my avatat.

I also bought a cheap rebate cutter bit with a 1/2 bearing and 38mm cutter. I then turned mdf rings which are a press fit onto the bearing to allow for cutting different depth rebates for multi layer bindings, I used this very sucessfully on my current work in progress.

Also, if you just want a bound fingerboard, you don't need to route a channel at all, just make the fingerboard smaller by the thickness of the binding, and glue the binding to the sides of the board after slotting, but before final radiusing. You will however have to undercut your fret ends, which is bitch without a tang nipper. I undercut the blue guitar's frets with a small file, and then vowed never to do it again, so I bought a sheet metal nibbler and modded it to undercut frets.

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