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Textured Paint


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Do you mean 7DBK-kinda finish, man?

I never knew it existed, but after looking at it - kind of / sort of like that.

It looks like that one doesn't make any attempt at a smooth surface. What I was thinking was to have a textured paint (with some random pieces of crud) and then spray the clear to the point where it rises above the highest piece of crud - then smoothing it from that point on. Is that possible, or do all textured paint jobs just end up rough on the surface?

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I finally got a close look and feel of those Splatter (spin-art) Strats. The body was glass smooth but the pickguard was slightly textured...you could feel the spin ridges. As far as filling your clearcoat to hide the texture, yes, it could be done, but even metalflake feels like sand, and I have to build up a lot of clear just to level it. If I wanted a total flat-glass finish, I'd have to add a lot more clear to it...which does add weight. After my final buff, I see a faint texture, but it looks fine and the gloss and depth looks nice.

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