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Metal Battery Boxes Such Like The Ones On New Esp's


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I was looking at a couple of pictures of ESP guitars recently and found they seem to be using metal battery boxes on some of there models, instead of the plastic ones.

I've just used a plastic Gotoh box and wasn't really that impressed with the sturdyness of it, and found it difficult to open at times, as I have problems with my fingers. Plus the fact that 10 mins after I opened it I found that one of the solded wires had decided to make an escape for it and had to hunt it down on the floor.

I was just wondering if anyone has used the metal ones on a hand built and where to get them or if they are just available on ESP guitars?

here's a picture that I found if you haven't a clue what i'm on about :D


Oh and is it just me or does anybody else have to right click and save a guitar picture that they like and see on the net, I must have 200+ pictures now am I normal or does anybody else suffer this affliction :D

anyway cheers for any replys......and pictures they may want to post B)

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Very cool boxes...I'd love one for my next sustainer guitar. They seem to be branded ESP so not likely to be available as an aftermarket part...shape, they look really good.

Anyone got any suggestions for battery boxes that are ok and available?


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WOW I want 1, no wait 2. ok 4 just in case :D They look real cool. I tried a search on them

but couldn't come up with anything. Really would be great if I could get my hands on a few

without the guitar. If anyone finds them please post it up.

Well, I know the guys at guitarpartsdepot.com have ESP replacement parts, so they might be able to get it for you. I looked in what parts they had listed online, and those covers weren't in there, but if they can be purchased, I'd bet they could get them.

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