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Bc Rich Gunslinger Nect Question

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I picked up a BC rich Gunslinger body and neck from Ebay, and the neck has a shelf routed for a locking nut, but no holes drilled in the neck to mount said nut. I checked out several pictures on the web, and saw that several models of the Gunslinger have the locking nut, but no drill holes. Anyone have any ideas on how the nut is supposed to mount on the neck without drilling the screw holes?

Sorry....the subject is supposed to be NECK....I should not drink so early in the morning! :D

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it's a top mounted nut. here's mine.....i think the pics are too big to post here, so i'll just give you the links:



(btw, yes, i know the tuners should be turned the other way around, but that's how it was when i got the guitar and i've never cared enough to do anything about it)

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