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Junk in the Trunk


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Here's what I got done today, shooting the first few coats on this one.

This git has been with me about 3-4 years now, undergoing several different looks.

Check out the 'Carriburst' turquoise look, it was my first try at that look, I didn't like it, too green. Oh well, it was a first try. That was about 2 years ago when I first heard of that look. I'll do one one day...

I think this one will have to have black Hardware, it just seems to call for it.

The body is Honduran Mahogony, fully chambered on both sides. Birdseye Maple on the back, Quilted Maple on the front.




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nice quilting..... mmmm looks like silver ribbon...

i just press enter in the address bar to get the picture to load after the new window comes up with the "forbiden" error

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Thanks very much!

This will also get a blue-to-black burst like on the greenie, but just around the very edges.

That old pic was also before I added the middle pickup.

What a hellaciously ugly green burst tho! :D

I print pics like that to let folks know things don't always go right the first shot out the gate, and if you have to refin a project for whatever reason, don't feel alone, I'd bet I refinish almost every guitar at least once, sometimes far more than just once, but in the end it pays off to hold out for the best possible results. Things seldom go perfect for me straight thru a project, but I hang in there and always give it another shot if that's whats needed to get the results I'm after.

That shape was a bastardized '80's thing between my regular shape that I use a lot (the top half primarily) and an Iceman bottom. I think I flipped the Iceman around if I remember right...

Wasn't sure if I really liked that body shape, but it looks like I'll finish this one at least...

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Not really talent, that look is in the wood itself.

It was really more about not screwing up an already-good looking thing I think...

Just dogged perseverence really. If it don't ~move~ me, then I move to grab my sander to sand it all off and try again. And again...and again...until it 'does' finally ~move~ me.

It's just the 'stain black and sand back' technique, I think there's a tutorial here on doing that...I use that technique on almost everything I do these days, I really like the look.

Thanks for the nice words! :D

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i hate people like you. i work my balls off and get some semi-good looking, usually crappy project done, and then there's guys like you that are all like, oh yeah, it was all in the wood, blah blah blah, and then turn out some f*cking brilliant project. you are hated by me.

just kidding. great work, man. whether it was the wood or not, it still looks great.

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