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Heres One I Made Earlier

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32 years ago to be precice,

I recently did a refinish/refit on this one so I thought I'd share it with you

As you can see it"s a blatent rip off of the yamaha sg2000 shape (only chosen because santana was playing one at the time and he's the man)

the neck I took off an old Eko guitar I bought off a friend for £15 - one day I'll get round to making a new one for it.

body is a nice piece of mahogany that I put a subtle arch in the top of - I'm not sure if that shows in the photo.

the pickups are Mighty Mite Motherbuckers

scale length is 24.75"

when I made this the only power tool I had was an electric drill so it was a lot of hard work

this was the second guitar I built, the first was a school project bass made from plywood , it has a piece of steel bar 1/2" x 1/4" instead of a truss rod (at the time I didnt know what one was - or the concept of neck angle for that matter )

and featured 1/2 " action!! it was totally unplayable and came to an untimely end during a Hendrix impression.

That concludes part 2 of my trilogy what do you think?

Coming soon to a screen near you THE TERMINATOR

( you may not like this one so much)sg.jpg

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very nice again...but you're right, I don't like it as much as the other one :D

The strings seem to be binding a bit on the headstock, something that you should think about if you make a neck for it. Also the bridge pickup looks like it might be a bit too far back?...although the MM motherbuckers are quite dark sounding so a bit of extra highend might not be a bad thing.

Not really my thing but it looks very well made none-the-less :D

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