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Tom Wraparound Tailpiece Angle?

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The posts on a wraparound bridge like the one you bought are NOT angled --they're set in perpendicular to your center line.

The bridge itself, however, will be angled back on the bass side --that's what the adjustment screws are for. Once you've set the rough intonation that way, you use the saddles to fine tune the strings that need them.

If you follow the Stew Mac fret calculator properly, you will end up with your high E coming out pretty much exactly at the intonation point. After that you'll angle back the bridge on the bass side.

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i mean tailpiece, not bridge, my bad

The first photo you posted shows a Badass-style wraparound bridge with adjustable saddles --is that the one you bought?

The second photo shows a TOM-tailpiece combination.

You can see that the wraparound bridge has positioning screws where the TOM does not. That's why the wraparound bridge posts are mounted in the same line, not at an angle. They were originally designed as retrofits for the original LP Junior, Melody Maker bridges which were adjustable in this way.

Just reiterating to be sure this is all clear for you.

Technically you could angle the wraparound bridge just like a TOM if you preferr that look--perhaps leave enough wiggle room at the bass end to get things exactly right.

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