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Nut Change


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Its not that hard if you know how to do it and have the tool to do it. If you doesn't have the tools and if you're not planning on doing this on a regular basis it is cheeper to take it to a tech then to get the nut files to do it. It can also be done with needle files and similar , but you will not get as good a result with that. You will find a nice tutorial here


and here


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I don't have the tools and looks like I'll need quite a few, any idea how much it would cost for a tech to do the work?

Not too long ago, I paid 35 euros to have a new nut cut, a pot changed, and a full set up including new set of strings. I supplied the nut blank though (because I wanted a trem nut)

That doesnt sound too bad at all save more money that way then doing it myself, thanks!

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