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Ibanez Double Edge Tremolo mit Piezo Output


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An be prepaired to do extra routing for a battery and a second output jack

I was thinking about building a seven string with the same sort of trem as rsera, ie with Piezos and that got my thinking - would it be possible to output using a stereo jack, with a custom stereo cable, into a breakout box that splits the signal? Obviously, you'd need a footswitch or two but it could be an interesting idea, no?

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Aye, but I was thinking more along the lines of being able to route the piezo's into the magnetic's effects so that you could have the magnetics and the piezo's running through a chorus effect, going to the same amp at the same time. It would be an interesting effect I imagine.

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I posted this in the other thread, but it fits here too:

You're better off buying an old(er) Ibanez Double Edge equipped guitar (RG-6-CST, S-6-CST, 2020x, 620x, etc.), and transplanting the trem and preamp from that. It's the only double-locking system ever made. Ibanez does not sell the Double Edge system individually.

WARNING: There are a bunch of very sensitive wires in that Double Edge system. Take EXTREME caution when working on/removing them. You could damage something and not even realize it. Oh yeah, and screwing with it will void your warranty. (Isn't that what this site is about- voiding your warranty as quickly as possible? LOL)

If you need any help with wiring the Double Edge, or pulling one out, feel free to contact me.

Who am I? I'm the guy that drew the wiring diagram that Ibanez sends out to people. :-)

Also, forget about stereo jacks and stereo cables with the DE system. There is no stereo panel jack (that's what the jack is called on Ibanez/Jackson guitars). There's not enough room to put stereo/mono switching inside- I've tried. The 9-pin "box jack" that is out there, works on Strats (wtih some chiseling of wood) and a few others, but not on 'super strat' bodies.

If you'd like a full description of "what does what" in regards to the wiring of 1st Gen. DE systems, CLICK HERE. A wiring diagram is available upon request.

2nd Gen. DE systems, such as the 620x, have a different preamp, and already have the KJG Wiring Mod done to them. I don't have a drawing for those, yet. :-)

(Creepy- I just noticed that it's 3 years EXACTLY since that first post about the KJG Wiring mod! Ooooo.....)

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