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Heres the final episode in my trilogy

This ones called the Terminator and was built for my son who's a Muse fan.

It has a through neck of mahogany and a frame 3/4" wide of ash to support the aluminium skin which is 0.05" thick

I've used Sperzel non locking tuners and a Floyd Rose trem in satin chrome to go with the brushed finish on the body.

Bridge pickup is from a PRS Santana and at the neck there is a Fernandez sustainer.

It also has a built in overdrive.


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Here you go Demiurge,they say a picture's worth a thousand words so I've taken it apart just for you ( how good am I )

The strip round the side is glued on and the front and back panels are held on with 66 stainless button head screws

drilled and tapped into the ash frame.

Aluminium is a bitch to work on as its scratches so easily and you cant just sand it down like wooda.jpg

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Thats really cool!!

Its hard for the Muse fans who want to emulate Matt Bellamy with the manson's being so pricey - your son is very lucky to have a dad who can make him one.

I am really tempted to try a Muse style guitar with this pedal built in around the neck pickup:

probe wah

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I'm thinking of doing a flying v in aluminium next but have to find someone who can anodise it for me, this one is clear laquered but it scratches easily and is a pain to get looking smooth and without dust showing

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