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Refinishing The Neck Of A Prs Eg Se (glued/set In)


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Just to set the stage, here is what I am trying to achieve:

I recently purchased a PRS EG SE model (S/S/S) in "antique white" finish. Well, I've been a huge fan of the color combinations on the old Fender Mustang guitars that had white/off-white bodies with red tortoise pick-guards. What I wanted to do with my newly acquired instrument was to sand down the glued/set-in neck back & headstock and re-finish it to resemble the colors of a Mustang guitar. Yes, I know that the neck material is different on this guitar than that of the Fender Mustangs, but I'm not looking at an exact match, just something close in nature.

So, before I destroy this guitar, how would I go about doing this? Could I sand it down and use Tung Oil on the neck back? Is there a high-gloss solution that is aerosol based which would yield a decently smooth result?

Any help in this would be great. I'm a noobie to this. I am going to school this summer in GA to learn building/repair, but until then I wanted to make a few mod's of my own.

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