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Templates That Combine Trem And Neck Pocket?


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StewMac sells separate templates for (Strat style) neck pockets and trem routing. (The trem routing requires having the neck installed in order to make the measurements)

Does anyone sell a template which combines the neck pocket and trem routing for the top side in one piece? (so that it can be done all at once?)

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The only problem I see is that there are a lot of different bridge types and dimensions out there, so make sure your bridge actually matches the template (or vice versa)

I'd also favor having separate templates because your neck might not be exactly the same either --could have 22 frets instead of 21 frets, no fretboard extension, or the extension past the last fret could be longer or shorter....

As long as you've got a center line and a ruler, it's not a big deal getting both templates lined up to match your components.

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