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I Started With My 8, The Meizor Skinhead Custom Shop 8

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Hey guys!

I started my 8 custom. I read the rules, but i think that's not too much 1 pic per post.

but i'm going to be good with the rules and post the links.

Thanks for the info that you post here, now i'm making my guitar.

I don't have pics, because my cam it's ****ed up, but tomorrow a friend brings him and we take some photos.

I used this things (but i have to buy the hardware):

-Neck: trhu 5 pieces, Argentinian woods, Marmelero/Cancharana/M/C/M



Marmelero (sanded, in the pic it's without varnish)


And some people use it for the floor


-Wings: Mahogany Sapele


-Fretboard: Ebony (oh, you know it, but here it's a pic :D the real tree)


-Top: I was thinking about Quilted maple or spalted maple, but here we have some amazing woods apart the know maple:





But i still love quilted maple, maple art i hate you!


-Frets Jumbo

-Pup The unique and the only one that i can bu here, because the "Adolfo De Castro" Custom 8 string pickup was 160 dollars, and EMG it's 100. And i need 2.


-Bridge I buy the 8 tinny shits, and then i go to a friend, that he does things on metal, aluminiun, stainless steel, etc. And we do the bridge.

It's going to be something like the hipshot one


-Tuners Akkord 4+4 set, blindada (?)


Hardware = Black :metal:

I was thinking on some nice knobs, like Schecter Avenger ones, or maybe black skulls or the normal metal knobs (like rectifier one), the old stereos knobs.




This one it's amazing!


I love them!


About the design... you know, i'm a bored guy with the models :D I like the RG model and other extreme shapes, but i always preffer the RG.

Here it's what i was thinking:

A RG body, but with a nice top


I was thinking on these 2 colors.

Paul Allender's Purple:


Or Connor Brown's green:


With a nice Binding, mother pearl or abalone. The thing that the guy in the shop had in stock.

Puer sex!


Inlays, i didn't decided nothing, i was thinking on roman numbers with the same material color as the guitar finish.

Here an example:



I had 2 designs in my mind, the Conklin head and Richard Fay's one.

Richard Fay:




This are some pics that i have of the process:



The body shape:


I thought on LGM headstock:


Here my first guitar:


And a some knobs that i found:


That's all. i have to sand the neck.

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Hi PTU :D I live in Argentina too !!! Glad to see a guy from my country making a custom guitar !

Good luck with your project, I´ll be waiting for your updates.

Un abrazo.

Hey dude, thanks for your support.

Add me to MSN, elmeier100 i'm there.

Un saludo!


Yeah Jamie, Connor's guitar it's amazing!

I like how you're going all out with your wood selection.

What scale length is this going to be?

Hey guy!

The guitar it's going to be 28".

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  • 7 months later...

A lot of time without posting any notice about it. I haven't worked a lot on it.

I have the neckthru made, i still have to do the fretboard. The quilted maple top it's glued to the cancharana wings.

I'll try to get a camera to take some pics.


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I just came across this thread now that it's been bumped up (I wasn't a wannabee builder back in February).

Sounds like a very nice project, good luck with it !!

Regarding the hardware, have you tried the guys at Fusion Musical in Sarmiento and Parana ?? They specialize in parts and hardware, they migth have bridges and things for 8-stringers...

So there's a "De Castro Custom 8" pickup !!! Amazing !! When I met Adolfo years ago he was the resident luthier/repairman at the Gibson distributor in Buenos Aires... Great guy BTW.

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Hey Andronico, yes im building it slow but i want to do it good. I bought the quilted maple top on DAC on San Martin www.dac.com.ar 40 dollars aproximatelly the square meter (m2). I have a lot of more veneers if you need, because there you have to buy the stock that it can be 2 meters or 9 meters.

Blackdog, man, you're from here too? Nice to hear that.

I tried in Fusion, but they don't have 8 string bridges, i asked for the hipshot one and they don't import it.

The Adolfo De Castro pickups i think that were going to be amazing, but it was too much. Now i have 2 EMG HZ 40 for it, those passives are the one that Mike Sherman uses on his 8 stringers.

Thanks for the support guys!

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