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Neck/truss Enquirey.


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I'm in the middle of my first build, and so far, all is going well.

I'm about finnished with the body - and moving onto the neck.

My question is this:

If the truss is 13/32ths deep - how deep should I make the neck?

I'm a fan of thin necks, so I'm basically asking how much wood do I have to leave before it becomes to thin?

My guess would have been around 5mm?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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you want to try to leave 1/8" behind the truss slot. If you use a 3/8" double acting rod, a 3/16" frtboard, and keep 1/8" behind the truss you have 11/16" min.(.6875"). That is as tight as I would go. I actually shoot for mor like .7-.75" tapered to about..8-.85" on my necks. I think(and I am not positive on this) that the wizard necks was 19mm(.75") to 21mm(.83") which is pretty thin really. Hope that helps.


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Thanks for the help :D Will be going for about 7/8ths I think :D

Thin it down after if it's too horrible.

While I've got a thread going - I'm gonna check something.

I've used the search - and it says it WILL work.

I'm not wanting volume/tone controls. All I want is an On/Off switch for each pickup (EMG Selects X2).

I know it will sound very bright - but I don't NEED resistors. Correct?

This is what I have been told. Plus the fact - if it's too bright - I can just take the back off and whack a resistor in.

But without a resistor - will it blow my amp up?

I've heard not.


As for the switches - I'm thinking push switches.

Will these light up?


It's on the FAQ section for them - and it says 2.2v @ 0.25A

When I switch them on - will the lights come on?

If not then I'll keep looking - but there seems to be very few locking push switches, without illuminations, and a decent ammount of thread on the back.

Sorry if I've repeated/don't make sense atall - I'm in a rush..

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