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Tremolo Routing Problem

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Hi, I bought an Ibanez style jem body with a quilt maple veneer with the idea of building it up in a similar way to a stratocaster. The reason that i bought it was because it looks absolutely fantastic, made from great materials and I got it at a very good price. The trouble is that the wrouting is made for a floyd rose tremolo system, which as you will know is completely different to the fender style ones. The reason I don't want to use a floyd rose tremolo system is because of the expense and I don't know enough about them to differentiate between the difference in quality.

The whole point of this post is to ask if anyone has any suggestions on how to fill the gap (so I can fit a fender strat style tremolo) whilst keeping the original veneer. I expect this is a mission impossible but i'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

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the routing for an OFR (original floyd rose) is quite extensive with a 5(?)mm route for the post anchors then an offset hole behind it similar to the fender trem.

but, behind that is the clearance for the lo-pro or edge or edge pro (all gotoh trems) trem.....

thats quite a route to fill, especially if you have to match a quilted maple top and it will always show up as the fender trem will not cover the repair.

my advice would be to just go ahead and save some pennies to fit a lo-pro edge trem OR - wait for one to appear on ebay, as a guide I recently purchased a lo-pro off the 'bay for £90.

a good deal !

unless you are a pretty good with wood repair and can get some flamed maple or a veneer to totally match the existing top, I would say the best course of action would be to get a gotoh trem - assuming that its a faithful Ibanez copy - it should fit but measure it first.


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