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Questions About Fretboard Removal


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I'm new to this board. My name is Vincent, I'm 29 and living in France. Already build a solidbody of my own design, and I have some questions to ask to more experimented woodworkers than me.

A friend of mine gave me an old Les Paul copy from Aria (bolt-on neck, made in Japan). From some research I did, this guitar was made in the late 70's. The neck is made of three mahogany pieces covered with a maple fretboard, and this very fretboard was somehow "repaired" by a non-qualified person. The damages are not fixable so I am going to replace the whole board and I need advice to achieve that correctly :

Does anyone know what kind of glue was used back then and if steam can soften or alter it ?

If the glue joint can be undone with steam, is there a risk to delaminate the three neck pieces ?

Does anyone know what kind of finish was used on these guitars ?

Would you recommend me to remove the board "mechanically" with a router, a plane and a sanding stick ?

Thank you all in advance for your help, I will try to find a way to take some acceptable pics of it.

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prying = applying a lever effort ?

sorry for my english...

Yeah, but you shouldn't need to apply too much pressure. In fact, I don't believe you need all that much steam either (the tutorials goes a little overboard on the stem stuff) --the heat is enough to loosen the glue. Then it's easy to sort of push the scraper and/or razor blade in there. Eventually you'll have heated up enough of the glue to be able to slide the scraper up the neck and under the fingerboard, without much force at all. It really only takes about five minutes or so.

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