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Nasty Crack

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hey guys i have big problem i own my bass(washburn xb125), i have two cracks on each side of neck joint :D

here's the pictures

pic 1

pic 2

so i would know, how i could repair this? cuz i got Melvyn's book Friday and will start my first guitar next week, and I'm not as good to make bass my own. i dont have money for new one :D if i didn't played in 2 bands it wouldn't be a big problem, but i need bass to work and be fine :/

thank you in foward B)

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To me it looks like a finish crack, as mentioned before. This might happen if the neck pocket is to tight, or if the neck gets a slight knock sideways, or if whether conditions make the neck and the body expand/contract differently (not that likely in this case) and from a numerous different reasons.

If you are worried about it, take the neck off a look inside the neck pocket. If the crack expands into the neck pocket you have a structural crack (as opposed to a finish crack). That in it self might not be a big deal, but I would repair such a crack (structural that is). Best way is probably to run some thin CA glue into the crack from the inside and clamp it up. Just be careful with the glue. You might get runs that ruins the finish if you use to much and it get squeeze out on the outside, or you might glue yourself to the bass (don’t laugh, the CA glue was originally formulated to be used instead of surgical stitches during the Korean war, it will really get you stuck there). Use the CA on some scrap before to get a feeling for how quick it runs and so on. CA cures in a few minutes and reaches it full strength over night (quicker, but better safe then sorry) so you will still have your bass available for next rehearsal

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