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How to convert my BC Rich into short scale bass?

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I was wondering how hard it would be? I finally found THE guitar I have been looking for, but I also know that I have been on a "witch hunt" for a short scale bass lately to add some variety to my bass closet. I was wondering what do I need to do to accomplish this? Do I need to search for a short scale neck and try to slap it on, and be done with it? Or what needs to be done, this would be an awesome set up if it could work.

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Man, re-readin' that, I was really vague - it's a lot easier than I made it sound... It already is a bass, so there goes most of the work... BUT it is in the long scale, and I'd like to shorten it up - I guess this means your plan could still work tho - switch out the neck from a guitar or something, and make the head accept the bass tuning stuff... Do you think this would work?

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