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Morley Pro Series Ii Modifications


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I'm looking for a modification for a Morley Pro Series II wah/volume pedal. Currently, the sweep on it is very bad. I use it with a Big Muff distrtion pedal and it seems that there is absolutely NO effect when the wah is engaged. My effect chain is as follows: Yamaha TRBII4 electric bass ---- Morley Pro II ---- Aphex compressor ----- Eletro H. Big Muff ---- Danelectro chorus ----- Ampeg BA-115 bass amp. I would like to have a large, pronounced sweep that can be actually heard when using distrotion. The sound of Cliff Burton (or similar) would be the sound that I'm trying to get as close as possible to. I have heard about various modifications that can be done on certain Morley pedals in order to achieve any wah sound desire. If anyone has information on this... I'd appreciate the help.

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Let me be clear.. I have tried this Morley pedal without any other effects... just the bass and the amp. There is still hardly any sweep, let alone any effect. I have read another posting, but it didn't help much because the problem was not the same. I have heard about this problem with Morley pedals. I wanted the true bypass.. that's why I bought it. I've also heard about modifing these pedals in order to get the desired sound. That's the help I'm looking for. Thanks

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