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String Gauges


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Hallooo! :D

I play an esp les paul type guitar.

I recently joined a hardcore band and they play downtuned at C #.

What string gauge would be best for doing this? Any neck adjustments involved?

Also, for my songs, we tune up all strings except the low C# to create a drop D pattern.

What type of string gauge would let me do these things?

My strings are teribly wobbly when i do this with what i have right now because im using extra lights lolol.



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The 24.75" scale length means that your strings are at less tension to create the same pitch vs. a 25.5" scale guitar such as a Fender, Ibanez, etc. I would think it best to go on the heavier end of gauges mentioned. I think .11s should be fine. If you had a 25.5" scale length you might be okay with .10s.

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