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Need Help With Choosing Pickups

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Hello all buddies from Project guitar, i am having some trouble finding a good tone in my guitar, i have a BLack Fender stratocaster, 80's reissue, i think , as everybody told me, looking my guitar, but i have a problem with the wiring in the inside of it. i have the wiring of 2 HS3 ( Neck and Bridge ) and a stock fender pickup ( middle ) , i have a switch for 5 positions, suppossedly the HS3 pickups have no HUM at all, but i still find hum in the proper positions ( neck or bridge individually ) , the wiring is set as Standard single coil switching, my question is: to have the proper usage of HS3 pickups, do i have to use the Humbucking series switching? it says in my dimarzio manual that its properly used with a 3 way switch and not a 5 way, another question is, can i use that type of wiring for my 5 way switch?? . well, i have some other questions as, Im playing the blues right now, and i want to have a fat sound type , like the one SRV used or Philip sayce uses right now, do i have to switch back to stock pickups?? and whats the best wiring for them to have the least hum at all in my single coils ( stock )?? of course, i would like to include the proper wiring and the proper use of caps in the Tone and volume controls ( i changed the volume original Fender pot , for one from Dimarzio parts which people told me is better ) , well anyway i hope someone can help me with this matters, Thanks for everything now, see you around !. :D:DB):D

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I have Hs-3 pickups in my strat so I think i might be able to answer on this one.

You gotta use humbucking series switching if you want to get tone without hum.

I think you gotta change your pickups if you want fatter sound, cause those HS-3pickups are so weak powered even used with humbucker series switching.

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