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painting over pickups

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ive been looking at a few of kirk hammett's (metallica) guitar paint jobs lately and one caught my eye. it was an ESP with a kind of les paul shape to it, and the paint job was what looked to be a photo of a bald man's head. the thing that caught my eye was that the picture was even painted over the pickups.

does anyone know if you can paint over normal pickups or would they be a special type?


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The only one I've seen was his KH-2 model with the "Mummy" paintjob on it. But, yeah it's easier to paint EMGs because the whole pickup is covered.


Here's some info on the guitar if anyone is interested...

ESP KH-2 M-II 'The Mummy'

This electric guitar is a ESP signature model which is based upon the ESP M-II serie. Its body is composed of alder, the fingerboard (with 24XJ frets) of rosewood and the neck which is bolt on the body of maple. The bridge is an original Floyd Rose bridge.

The body shows the original graphic of the movie "The Mummy" which is staring the actor Boris Karloff as the mummy. On the guitar's left horn there's written in a sort of hand writing font: "It comes to life!"

Model: ESP KH-2 "The Mummy"

Basis model: ESP M-II

Color: Multicolored

Color (hardware): Black

Inlays: The Eye of Horus

Pickups: 2x EMG-81 humbucker

Hardware: 2 volume control

Graphic: "The Mummy" graphic

Can be seen: "Cunning Stunts", "S&M"

First time used live: "Load" gigs

Still used live

This guitar is Kirk's favorite guitar.

This guitar can not be ordered at ESP, because Kirk owns the rights of the drawing.

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I've never tried it, but it seems like you would be able to just paint on them. Not sure if you would have to scratch the cover or anything for paint to stick. I think it just looks cool, because the design doesn't get broken up by the pickups.

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