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floyd rose bushings

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Some of you may know about me building my first guitar.

ANyway, after pricing some things, i've come to the conclusion I can't afford to buy a brand new original floyd rose as i'd like to. So have to take apart my jackson and scavange it for parts until I have money to upgrade them in my custom ..and put them back into the jackson..


How can I remove the bushings in the floyd pivots and be able to replace them later?

Or should I just try to find a new set of bushings?

Anyone have expereince w/ the Jackson JT500 trem? I've been doing measurements on it and the OFR #s on warmonth...they're just about the same give or take .5mm here n there. Obviously quality is a different story.

So... if I do have to end up getting new bushings, how do I know what size to get?

i"m assuming measuring my pivot screws?


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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Well, dont take them out...I have done it..its not hard, but send me your USPS addy, and I will send you some...one pair should cover ya. I got them for free from schecter, and I needed a trem arm attatchment. I would love to help out.

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For those who may come in later and see this wondering the same thing, here's what I did to remove some OFR bushings from a Warmoth Star body :D

After trying to be gentle with a pair of pliers, I grabbed a small rubber thingy that came on one of those WalMart-special ratcheting screwdrivers with the interchangeable screwdriver bits (the rubber thingy is for the convenient storage of the bits when not in use).

Since the rubber thingy has a hole in the middle, I placed it directly over the insert/bushing. Next I rounded up a few knob washers (the thin ones you find under a volume or tone knob), put the washers on the trem post, and then screwed the trem post into the insert. The washers would not go past the top of the post (but remember this was an Original Floyd Rose, not sure if it will work on an Ibenhad or other trem - might work on a Jackson).

So once I had the washers on the post, I put it through the hole of the rubber thingy and into the bushing, then grabbed an allen wrench and tightened the post until the rubber thing had compressed all the way down, then the bushing started coming up with each turn of the wrench B)

I caught hell trying to get the bushing off the post, though, as by the time it came out it was cranked all the way in. Probably shoulda added some more washers as it started to come up :D


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