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Acoustic Detune Problem

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I have an ESP LTD AC-200E acoustic that sounds and plays pretty well in standard tuning, although the higher register frets have reasonably high action. I've learned to deal with it though. I picked up another acoustic and the action was very low at the higher frets with no buzzes. I'm looking for some adjustments that I could maybe do to mine to get the action low enough without any buzzes.

My problem is I want to detune a whole step down. I get horrible buzzes throughout the first five frets or so. I do not really want to shim the nut, but it may need done and then drop the bridge a little bit to straighten out the strings along the fretboard. Any suggestions from anybody to get this guitar detuned with no buzzes?

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De-tuning is difficult, especially on acoustics.

Heavier strings is the way to go, but you may well have some intonation problems. Your best bet if you're not up to taking on a full set up and fret level is taking the guitar to a tech. Tell him that you play a step down and you're looking to get the guitar playing right - I'm sure if they're good they should be able to help.

My solution to downtuning acoustics was making my baritone - tuned B to B with a 29" scale it's just perfect :D


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