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Amp in the guitar?


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Okay here we go, 1st ill introduce myself i am 16 years old, have nevr built a guitar before, but have been playing for quite a few years, I live in AUstralia and im at school on year 11.

I do a subject called Deisgn and Technology and can design and build anything that satisfys a need. And a need is to have private practise time without having to have anything more than a guitar. And also it is very quiet type of practise as well... anyways.. what i was thinking was.................

Now i have very little experience with amps and electrics except for changing pickups.

Anyway i was thinking that maybe you could put a tiny little amp in the guitar just before the out put jack then adding a headphone jack to the guitar. The style of guitar would probly be a sratocaster style. And i realise i could only have no effects what so ever.

One amp i was looking at is here

..very small, fit easily into a strat with a little bit more routing

Has this been done before, is it possible?

And for anyone else in AUstralia looking at making a guitar for DT dont steal my idea :D

Cheers Guys,


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hey ben

it is possible. it would be cheaper if you knew a bit about electronics though. like for example, if you got a mini pre amp kit, like what they have at Jaycar, connected to a power source, and if you wanted to, took apart a boss distortion pedal and added it before the jack then it went into the pre amp to headphones, it would work. you might have to study the **** for a while though as it sounds like an operation.


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