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A Lp Junior Neck Heavy

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Hello everybody,

I´m just finishing a LP Junior (yes,another one :D) and I have this little problem: it´s neck heavy. It´s not too much but it bothers me and I don´t know how can I solve it. I saw a while ago a SG with the same problem but I didn´t think I would have this problem with a Junior.

I read that it can be solve if I move the strap from the back of the heel to the upper horn, would this solve the problem?? what do you think?

I´ll post pics very soon, as soon as I fit the nut, but please help me solve this, it really is bugging me. Thanks,


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Thanks for the response RGman, does anybode else thinks the same? I would like to know if it's more like a gamble or it is a real solution; I really dont know. Have anybody had this problem and solved it with moving the strap to the horn?

best regards,


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